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Everyone dreams to have a healthy lifestyle. By healthy not means to be physically fit but it also includes mental and emotional health. Being healthy must be the main factor that need to be considered as top priority in life. Though it’s tough to maintain healthy lifestyle in our tough schedules like on/off food cravings, disturbed sleeping patterns, less physical activity etc. Most of us just dreamed to have healthy life but don’t follow the instructions to live a healthy life.

To attain healthy life one must focus on:

  • Daily routine
  • Food
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Physical activities
  • Positivity

By healthy physical is not just enough to have a healthy life style. One should keep in mind that where exercise is necessary for physical health, it is also necessary to have positivity in mind for mental health. One should take care of the food intake. Everyone has tough daily routine, but still try to spare some time for your health while doing exercise. Now many of the fitness brands are providing the facilities of having fitness machines at home.

Best Under desk treadmill

Two type of treadmills are available in market. One is that used for running and has two support arms on the side and a console in front to show your workout activity. The other type of treadmill is under-desk treadmill that does not come with the arms to support and not have console in front because it is specifically designed to slider under your desk.

It is considered to be best approach of doing exercise while doing work as well. Many offices have used under-desk treadmills under their working table to do exercise along with their work. Now everyone wants to get best under-desk treadmill. Here we are sharing one of the best underdesk treadmill.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 under Desk Treadmill

This model is an upgraded version of the TR800-DT3 model. It comes up with a broader walking area as compared to other treadmills. The motor of this under-desk treadmill is 2.25 Hp that is powerful for the workouts. This is highly suitable for offices and as well it can be used for homes. It comes up with a portable console that can be placed on the top of your desk that can provide basic info like workout activity, calorie burn and heart rate monitor.

It also comes up with built-in Bluetooth feature. This features help you to sync to the Active Track App and you can monitor it on your smartphone as well. It also come up with Intelli-step feature that records all your steps that you take your workout session. The belt available in this treadmill is more durable and it supports 6 compression shock absorbers to keep your feet and joints free from shock.

Best thing about this under-desk treadmill: Pre-assembled, can be used directly after unboxing.


  • Speed range 0.4-4mph
  • 6 compression shock absorbers
  • Advance features
  • 6 hours of continuous running time
  • Weight support up to 350 lbs
  • Good warranty
  • In-built USB charger port


  • Need many buttons to start it up
  • Produces loud noise when started that irritates many people


Source :  Shopiwave


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