The Hammerhead Triangle – Cocos, Galapagos and Malpelo

Anyway, you like sharks? Large sharks? Hammerhead sharks? At that point the Hammerhead triangle is the place you need to be in your next plunging occasion.

Hammerhead sharks

Their strange shape, their wave-movement best diving indonesia their ground-breaking elegance causes this creature one of the most to moan after sharks.This shark assortment may arrive at the 6 meters measure and weigh up to 580 kg; the specific mallet shape agrees the shark to a 360 degrees vision.

Their propensities are not the most widely recognized among different sharks: they swim in schools during the day and chase singularly around evening time.Hammerheads can been seen in warm waters, along the coastline of numerous spots on the planet yet there is a unique spot where they especially prefer to stay nearby: the hammerheads triangle.

The hammerheads triangle

The nonexistent triangle shaped between Cocos, Galapagos and Malpelo islands is an outstanding area in the scuba jumping network for its huge nearness of hammerheads sharks.These three islands keep the absolute best jumping spots on the planet where you can see of up to 200/300 hammerheads swimming in schools.

Arranged west of Central America, this brilliant triangle is shaped among three distinct nations: Galapagos Islands, arranged 1,000 km of the bank of Ecuador; Cocos, situated at 550 km from the Costa Rica shoreline; Malpelo, which lies at 90 km off the water of Colombia.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos is the main goal of the triangle that you can reach by means of plane. Once there you will jump on a live-on board to arrive at the most northern rocks Wolfs and Darwin. Here is the place you can appreciate 100 to 200 hammerheads sharks tenderly swimming in the blue.

On the off chance that live-on board isn’t your preferred method for plunging, at that point you can reach Gordon Rocks from Santa Cruz with the day by day jumping outings and still have the option to see up to 50 hammerheads.

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