Believing These Myths About Online Poker Keeps You From Growing

All our further tips will go to the Full Ring (full) table at Zoom Poker . I think it will not be a revelation to anyone if I say that from early positions it is necessary to open tightly. BUT! In Zoom poker, you need to open from early ( UTG , UTG + 1 , UTG + 2 ) positions not just tight, but ultra-tight.

This will allow you to ensure further 먹튀검증업체 raffle without unnecessary difficulties: as you know, due to the “quick fold ” option , on average, most players will have stronger hands than if these players were playing at a regular table. Therefore, it is very advisable for you to have a hand no worse than your position.

Accordingly, UTG , UTG + 1 , UTG + 2 we open with such a range of hands : 77+ , AJs + , AQ + , all the rest without a shadow of doubt, we calmly throw out.

In the case of 3beta after your raise from the previously mentioned positions, without the presence of certain notes on the player and enough statistics in Holdem Manager 2 , we throw everything except KK and AA . Yes, yes – even AK , JJ and QQ go to the pass, but I did not speak in vain about the extreme tightness of the game at Zoom Poker.

Naturally, even here there are comrades with VPIP / PFR 30/25, against whom such hands are not thrown out, but this is more likely an exception to poker rules . Just understand one thing: many people understand that the majority of players from the early positions have a range of raises with enough tights, so 3 betting of such raises, as a rule, will not be bluff and on a strong card .

Go ahead. In the middle positions ( MP1 , MP2 , MP3 ) we, of course, expand our range and play: 55+ , AT + , KQ + (the rest is foldable). In the event of a 3-bet, again, you can easily fold worse KK and AA hands, especially if you don’t know anything about an opponent who made a 3-bet and ESPECIALLY if you are out of position on this person. Playing 3bet pots while out of position, even with hands like QQ and AK, is not pleasant.